A Great Resort Located on the Sunshine Coast

To plan a trip to Australia is to plan a trip for fun, but if you do not pay attention to where you’ll be staying during your time there you may be in for some trouble. Amongst the many, many wonderful places to lay your head at night in the Noosa region, the Sun Lagoon Resort will have a grand, spacious feel to it’s property.

There are wonderfully appointed apartment with their own private beach front to enjoy at the Sun Lagoon. It sports not one but two heated pools so they can be enjoyed all year, along with the sauna and spa for the adults to find some relaxation. For some more activity there is a tennis court, for some good food and conversation with friends and family there is a barbeque pit.

The accommodations here offer beautiful views, each of the thirty apartments are angled so that they view either the lagoon, or the river, or overlooking the pools. They are all very beautifully appointed and the views only add to the surroundings, a personal preference is overlooking the lagoon.

These places come with many modern amenities including a full kitchen with microwaves and dishwashers, along with laundry inside your apartment, and a private balcony. There are also no charge cable televisions, PABX telephone systems and the majority have air conditioning. With a great location on the Coast close to fine dining and great attractions, the cost of staying at the Sun Lagoon Resort is very budget friendly along with calm and relaxing.

A Garden of Eden like quality awaits you on the Sunshine Coast, with its awesome views, the best of all of Australia. Your time here in this beautiful region will not disappoint and you will want to return over and over for your holiday. Whatever accommodation you choose to stay in you will be pleased with your choice.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Zane_B_Archer


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