Cabin Rental – Roughing it Can Be So Relaxing

I moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia before it was popular with the Floridians and Atlanta suburbanites. I saw a lot change over 20 years and the cabin rental business has gone through a transformation. Choosing a rental cabin 15 years ago was easy because there weren’t very many to choose from. Most cabin rentals were for single bedroom rough timber truss homes with a loft and a single bathroom. They were actually built as vacation homes. There weren’t any building codes either. There were a few 2 and 3 bedroom but not many. There were snakes and scorpions and rough gravel roads on steep grades. The popular cabins had a hot tub and a view. Some had TVs and a telephone.

Today we see hundreds of cabins for rent in our small town. Well, they call them cabins but they are graded stud frame homes with drywall and poured retention walls, in gated communities. What a joke. This is nothing like it used to be. In the early 90s when you booked a vacation cabin rental you got rough saw lumber and lap side wood or actual logs. You felt like you went back in time, you even had chopped wood for heat there was no AC, heat pump or gas heater. Now if you choose poorly you end up renting a home that’s just like your very own suburban one. You miss out on so much. There is a peaceful and relaxing feeling that comes from the experience of a real cabin.

The next time you plan a vacation or honeymoon to the North Georgia Mountains, or any mountain area consider a truly rustic location. Enjoy the unkempt land, the sound of rushing water, the mystic of a dark back road and stop spending you time surrounded by drywall and amenities. It is a wonderful experience, one that makes you want to live that dream forever. That’s what I did and you can too, even if it’s just for a weekend.

Here are a few tips to weed out the fakes. Ask the owner if there is any drywall and how much. Ask if it’s a timber truss or real log home. Ask if it’s in a gated community. Is there a garage? Ask how many deer, raccoon, bear, or turkeys you can expect to see during your visit. That should weed out the fakes pretty quick. I hope that helps with your next vacation cabin rental.

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