Visit the Land of the Midnight Sun on a Norwegian Cruise

You will be gifted with a North Cape Certificate as a souvenir. You will enjoy the otherworldly experience of the Aurora Borealis if you visit this magical land on the winters and the midnight sun if you visit in summers. If you are one of those people who get in touch with their spiritual side through nature – we assure you emancipation here. When you look north from the North Cape; only the Svalbard Islands separate you from the North Pole.

On the 12th day you have completed your onward journey to Kirkenes – also known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. This town is the last outpost to visit on the Norwegian cruise. It is inhabited by the Sami people and the population totals to around 4000 people. It is perched on the Varanger fjord. When you get off the cruise ship do visit the Pasvik Nasjonalpark – where the borders of Finland, Norway and Russia meet. The new snow hotel opened on 20th December 2007 by Radius Kirkenes and the Andersgrotta, a World War II bunker, also are not to be missed.


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