Everyday Travel Activitie

Cups: Obtain two cups from the flight attendant and request on of them to be 1/2 full of water or ice. Let your toddler practice pouring between the cups. Remember that spilling is part of the fun! You can use Cheerios, M&Ms or other small snack items if you want to avoid the mess.

– More Cups: Request 3 cups and play the shell game – hide a snack (or a pacifier) under one of the cups and let your toddler try and guess where you hid it. The reward of a fun snack can keep the game going for at least a few minutes.

– In Flight Magazine: Locate the crossword puzzle and color the grid in a design or pattern. To work on letter recognition, find an ad with lots of capital letters and play a game of letter seek.

– Make paper airplanes, paper hats or boats out of subscription cards or napkins.

– Teach your toddler rock, paper, scissors. Be a little flexible with the rules and have fun playing with toddler logic (one time my toddler wrapped the “paper” around the “scissors” so they couldn’t cut).

– Play peek-a-boo or make faces. All toddlers like to make funny faces back and forth. If you are lucky, a nearby passenger will join in the fun.

– Use the SkyMall Magazine to play I Spy. Play counting games by having toddlers count the number of dogs or cats in the magazine. Animals work well for this game because they are scattered throughout the catalog but there are a limited number that is easy for toddlers to keep track of.


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