Atlantic Coast

Brittany is likely to be the best known for many British holiday-makers who have chosen to spend time on the west coast of France. Indeed, overseas visitors have been snapping up property here, meaning that some feel that the north-west coast has lost some of its “natural feel”, although there have been associated benefits.

If you are looking for accommodation in this part of France then you will undoubtedly find plenty of self-catering accommodation provided by English-speaking owners.

For those seeking more of the real France, the rest of the Atlantic coastline offers some great opportunities. With budget airline Flybe now offering flights to both Rennes and La Rochelle, this part of France has never seemed closer for many of us.

There is so much to see and do on the Atlantic coast that it’s no surprise that many are snapping up the opportunity to visit the area. From the wine-growing areas around Bordeaux to the excellent surfing beaches north of La Rochelle, there’s plenty here for everyone.

French food is a great attraction for plenty too and you’ll find that it’s absolutely exquisite here, in the western regions of France.

You’ll find great variation in cuisine and yet a consistently high quality, with seafood and fish dishes being particularly easy to recommend!

So, why wait? Grab a cheap flight to France and enjoy the splendour of the Atlantic coast.


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