Leisure Travel and Its Benefits

Eurostar Plus that is an extension of Eurostarservices offers avariety of discounts for its travelers who usethe passenger trains of Eurostar. If you are using Eurostar Plus Your each pound is rewarded with the cash bank that you spent on your Eurostar ticket

How to use Eurostar Plus and its benefits?

Firstly you have to create an account on the Eurostar website. Once your account is created for every £1 that you will spend on Eurostar travel; you will also earn one point. When you will have a sum of 300 points then you will automatically receive an e voucher of £20. This e voucher will be valid for one year. You can use this e voucher during your next travel on Eurostar.

You can also use your Eurostar Plus for various other options like Eurostar plus Shopping, where it will provide you good discounts and you can also be lucky to get a invitation for private fashion show on Paris’ chic boulevard Haussman at Lafayette flagship store Galeries. By using EurostarPlus Trip-planner youcan create your perfect personal schedule by using interactive maps almost all the destinations in Europe. In addition to this Eurostar also provides services like Eurostar plus Culture i.e. entry at the optimum galleries and museums of Europe by just showing your Eurostar tickets.


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