Flights to Jordan

Jordan is bordered by Saudi Arabia, Syria, Israel, Iraq and West Bank. The lowest point in the world, the Dead Sea, also borders Jordan and consequently gave rise to health tourism in the kingdom. A mixture of beaches and historic sites along with the modern day nightlife and amenities has seen tourists flocking to marvel at the city.

Flights to Jordan – Top Tourist Destination

People of all strata of life, from families looking for a holiday to businessmen, theologians and others find it easy to book flights to Jordan. This is because there are a large number of international luxury flights that fly to the Queen Alia International Airport in the country. Pick from the national carrier the ‘Royal Jordanian’ or other airlines like Emirates, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines to make your trip to this intriguing kingdom. The airport is 30 minutes from the capital city of Amman. There are a number of international hotels and resorts to pick from when it comes to accommodation. With the number of flights to Jordan, the amazing sites to see and exciting things to do, it is advisable to plan out your journey with the help of a travel agency.

Jordan is a kingdom where there is equally much to do in all aspects, whether it is archaeological sightseeing, wellness and relaxation or parties. A place for all tastes, experience the exotic “lost city” of Petra, the nightlife at Amman and Aqaba and witness the natural grandeur of the desert castles. Visit the Hellenistic architecture of Umm Qais or the Roman one at Jerash. Better yet, go to Amman where the famous Dead Sea scrolls are housed or indulge in a unique spa treatment right at the Dead Sea! Beaches, spas, riding, rock climbing, hiking, discotheques, and much more – Jordan has something for everybody.

Experiencing the entire historical, cultural and modern day scene at Jordan could easily take more than two weeks. Proper planning is essential to receive the most of the country. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your travel with the help of a travel agent to book your flights to Jordan, arrange tours, transport and accommodation.


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