Best Diving in Thailand

The waters of Thailand are also home to some of the world’s largest “pelagic creatures like manta rays and whale sharks. Choose the best dive sites, is to create not just a simple case of a list mean. Strong currents and deep waters, some of the most spectacular diving and memorable reserved only for advanced divers with experience under your belt weight. It is in this spirit that I wrote this article in view of an absolute beginner and the order in which I proposed the underwater wonders of the various offerings address.

You must first plunge (provided you do not already certified) to learn. Since the end of the Open Water Diver course, are only eligible to under the same conditions as or better than those in which you learn dive, it’s probably best not to do your course in an idyllic, as these are difficult to reproduce. This makes the northern Gulf of Thailand is a great place to start. The visibility is usually not as good as in the south and the experience of the tidal currents can be introduced under controlled conditions, gradually, in terms of marine life there are still many things to see.

In newly certified Open Water Diver I suggest that the next port of Koh Tao. The lightness of the dive sites here with relatively good visibility and the quality of the coral reef in combination make it a perfect place to make your experience further. There are over 30 dive sites all within a maximum distance of 45 minutes by boat. Green Rock and Twin Peaks are remarkable places to start, starting with a lot of variety in the corals, sponges and tropical fish and minimal power. As your ability increases the diver, you want more adventure dives such as the famous Chumphon Pinnacle, where you bigger with a little luck with gray reef sharks make as you can try (although harmless) and Sail Rock with fireplace dive from 18m all the way to the surface. These two sites are regularly visited by whale sharks and are a must.

As we move further south, there may be a good idea to be an Advanced Open Water Diver (again assuming you have not) taken into account to fully understand the exciting new spots. Phuket, you can reach more of the best courses, including several sites around Racha Yai, Racha Noi, Phi Phi and several other islands and outcrops. Shark Point, Anemone Reef and Koh Ma Diving number one and they are softer, with an amazing variety of flora and marine life blessed, while King Cruiser wreck diving is a memorable one. Leopard sharks and turtles are common here are several stingrays and seahorses and frogfish insight and all types of moray eels can be identified. For really large pelagic encounters, you can not miss

Pinnacle South (Raya Noi) and Hin Daeng and Hin Muang. Not for the faint of heart, and I recommend a minimum of 20 dives before. On my first dive at the top, I found absolutely nothing (apart from giant manta rays), and I took my tank in 27 minutes to dry (I’ve been diving for 20 years). It is the strength of the current can be. Both Hin (Hin Daeng and Hin Muang – red and purple) are decorated by the color of the soft corals, named and are considered the jewels of the Andaman Sea in the south. Whale sharks and manta rays love this place to do almost as much as divers. It is not hard to see why. Although the gentle giants are missing the spectacular cliffs, incredible transparency and volume of marine life titillate the senses. Again, these places are not to be missed, but require some skill to be fully appreciated.

Now you are ready for the Similan Islands and Surin, the ultimate dive into the inventory of Thailand. Although there are many dive sites suitable for novice divers here are, as usual, the best are usually deep and is subject to strong currents. Big fish, I fear, love, and when strong currents to be one again. The best way they can be seen on a cruise of three to five days cruise, and it would be a shame to spend money for it if you can not get the max.

In the Similan Islands, Christmas Point is a dramatic series of underwater pinnacles and canyons. Here you will find an explosion of life in the gardens of soft coral, parrot fish, lion fish, wrasse and groupers are common. There are often made of heavy hunting here, and you can wander to see white tip sharks. Elephant Rock is not surprising the name of the rock formation are looking bulb. This page is one of the best around. Under the surface, it offers large rocks and a maze of stacked swimthroughs, arches and caves. Marine life is abundant and large schools of yellow goatfish and snapper can be found in the deeper layers. Turtle Rock is an impressive series of submerged rocks and Similan swimthroughs typical way. Surrounded by coral and marine life has been one of the best places to spot turtles. Encounters with eagle rays are common.

Around Surin, Koh Bon is one of the only vertical walls in Thailand with depths over 40 meters. Leopard sharks are common below the ridge and the sandy plains. Soft corals here are totally different and are shades of turquoise, yellow and blue, besides the more common pink and purple. Koh Bon is one of the best places to see manta rays, especially towards the end of the season. Koh has a big task submarine ridge running vertically on the island and is considered one of the best dives in the Kingdom of Thailand. It is known as a place to see large animals like stingrays, leopard sharks, nurse sharks and turtles. Richelieu Rock Surin is the ace card. This is a small underwater mountain about 18 km east of Surin and swimming is one of the best places in the world, with whale sharks. For some reason, attracts Richelieu Rock more than their fair share of these graceful animals.

If you now feel that the observations of whale sharks and manta rays are common please accept my apology. These meetings are often a privilege and an honor, and the animals decide when. Also in the diving world, no two days are the same. Keep an open mind and accept that everything is governed by the laws of nature and you will not be disappointed. However, most of these places many times you dive, the better chance you have for the law of averages, and the more you appear to be the best dive. So where does it go? Well, you’ve probably noticed that Bangkok is located in the center of Southeast Asia, so it’s probably the center of the world of diving. It gets even better.


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